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About Lori

Lori Rice, MS

Freelance Photographer and Stylist, Recipe Developer, Nutritional Scientist

Few things inspire me more than food and the culture that surrounds what, why and how we eat. Food and travel photography allow me to capture these beautiful moments whether they are halfway around the world or right in my own kitchen. 

My work in photography is a passion that has evolved over the past 10 years. It is driven by my love of food, farming and travel. Every component of food, from growing and serving it to the environment it is enjoyed in, creates a special moment. My goal is to capture that moment; the moment that best tells the story that you wish to share. 

I am a self-taught freelance photographer. My background in science prepared me well for the technical side of photography. My travel, living abroad, study of nutrition, recipe development and writing have put me in touch with my creative side and the art of food culture. I have attended numerous instructional workshops and courses on general photography, food photography and food styling. 

Interested in working with me? Email me directly at lori (at) loririce (dot) com. 

Photo credit Kaycee Hilvers. 





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